Tommy Campbell “Vocal Eyes” in NYC on te%

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Tamuz Nissam in Tel Aviv-Athens on te%

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8 Duets

Harvie S Photo x

Well, finally my 8 Duets are now available. I am pleased with the initial response but look forward to your comments.
Just like a classical piece these duets require hard work and concentrated practice time. The difference here is: After you learn them you should add you own bass lines, solos, and melodic concepts. I like to think of these duets as a launching pad to bigger and better things.
In the meantime if you learn the parts you will develop better time,reading, intonation, bass lines, solo concepts and musicality.
By providing play along tracks (at 3 different tempos) after you can prepare at home alone. You will always have something to practice now.
When you feel ready you can get together with another bassist or instrument and jam. That is when the fun starts.

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New Website!

Hello, and welcome to my brand new website by Janelle Reichman and Continuum Web Design. Please have a look around the new site and do let me know what you think. Blog posts to come on various topics such as bass talk, reviews, shows, and much more. Stay tuned!

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