Click here for New York Times  Article about new CD “Maiden Voyage 

Just wanted to let you all know that I am playing on a new Cd out that I recorded in Istanbul, Turkey with a very exciting and unique guitarist/composer Bilal Karaman. It is called “Bahane” (pronounced Bah Ha nay).  I must admit I pronounced it wrong the first time.  Monika Bulanda is on Drums and Burak Bedikyan is on piano and keys.

Please check out some sound samples at:

In September the new WJO “Maiden Voyage Suite” will be released. This is some powerful music from a band that  is such a joy to play with. Read the story in the New York Times (above link at top of page).

I recently played acoustic bass and bass guitar on a Cd with a fantastic and creative guitarist/composer, Jake Herzog. This is our 3rd Cd together with this trio which is rounded out by “monster” drummer Victor Jones.

I was also the producer and co-arranger of this project. Release should be this Fall, but in the meantime check out the many videos we have together on U Tube. You can also go to and get more info on Jake and this exciting band.

Coming out soon is my 5th Cd with tenor sax and soprano whiz, Virginia Mayhew. The music of  Mary Lou Williams is featured on this great recording. Ed Cherry is on Guitar and Andy Watson is on Drums. Andy is also the drummer on the WJO Cd.  It is next to impossible to imagine a finer drummer than Andy Watson. Virginia assembled some rare Mary Lou Williams compositions that are stunning. I am so honored to be on this important and poignant recording.

Last year I played acoustic bass on Jon Gold’s Cd “Brazil Confidential” which came out on Zoho Music. It received rave reviews. We just finished another recording which Scott Anderson also produced. The guest soloists were Dave Liebman and Howard Levy.

Maurice Zotarelli played drums and I played acoustic bass and my Fender Precision on

one track.

Jon writes such memorable tunes and has mastered the Brazilian style to the point where he has becaome a visionary.   The official release date has yet to be determined, but it is well worth waiting for. I will post more info later.

That’s it for now. Keep checking my website I am updating all the time and adding new and interesting items all the time. It’s been a great year and lot’s of good things are happening.

I am so blessed.